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Interior Decoration Pictures For Kitchens Questions Answered!

  1. your harvest moon magical melody house?

    i want to redisign my house so its better , prettier , more excesable , so what does your house look like ? can you show me a picture? or find one of someone elses house? also , where is your house located? (land) and , will my baby ever grow up , hes still a baby. (GameCube) thanks <3

  2. Interior decoration in 1 room and kitchen house?

    Please tell me how can i make my 1 room and 1 kitchen house so beautiful that others want to look at it.In my main room where me,my father and my mum sleeps,we have one bed,one television,a 3 foot grain tank,a drawer of 7 foot. and a drawer align with room boundary,one sewing machine.I sleep on the floor(no problem) and my mum-dad sleep on the bed.I can't tell you exact area in sq.meters....Can any one help....I want that people come to my house and say wow what a good looking house.

  3. Name these people with pictures and room pictures :)?

    Name the family, and come up with names for them. Post pictures of anything else to get you a better chance at ten points. Also, comment on the rooms :) My answers will be in the added details. Request if you want more! :) Parents(35 and 33)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-6112406-close-up-of-a-young-man-giving-piggyback-to-woman.php Daughter(6)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-5937140-smiling-creative-girl.php Son(5)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-5012478-good-news.php Twins: Boy and girl(3)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-3220189-good-morning-and-wake-up-mommy.php Baby girl(8 mnths)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-6684574-pretty-little-baby-portrait.php Rooms Parents: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-12561884-master-bedroom-with-view-of-the-outdoors.php Daughter: http://www.potterybarnkids.com/room/rom/romgir/romgirbrb/ Boys room: http://www.potterybarnkids.com/room/rom/romboy/romboymlb/ Baby girls room- http://www.potterybarnkids.com/room/rom/romnur/romnurlmbie/ READDDD! IF YOU COME UP WITH THE NAMES CLOSEST TO MINE! YOU GET TEN POINTS BUT YOU MUST ADD COMMENTS ABOUT THE ROOMS AND POST PICTURES. IF YOU DON'T DO THAT, NO TEN POINTS. I WANT TO GIVE THEM TO SOMEONE WHO DESERVES THEM :) I HAVE WRITTEN MY NAMES DOWN ALREADY! Oops, I forgot one twins room... :/ SO SORRY GUYS! http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-4399365-girl-s-bedroom.php This is the twin girls room!

  4. is there a "rule of thumb" when it comes to how many decorations should be on one wall of a room?

    I'm moving into a new house this week, and my roommate is all excited about putting new pics on the wall and things...but the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all open (so they're basically one room)...since there are only a couple of walls that are completely bare (i.e. they don't have windows, doors, or cabinets on them), I don't feel the need to put lots of decorations up....in order for us to reach some sort of compromise, other than common sense, is there some sort of rule of thumb about how to decide whether or not a wall needs a picture/decoration? or is it based solely on preference? I feel like an interior designer must have some sort of rules when he/she decorates a new home...

  5. Interior design ideas? Working with modern furniture in small condo!?

    I'm moving into a new condo. Long story short, it's owned by my boyfriend's uncle.... so he's giving me all of the furniture that's in there. It's a very small one-bedroom. I wish I had a picture, but I don't. It's got white walls, white carpet, white ceilings, and black furniture. Black leather sofa, black tv stand, black dining room chairs, black stools, black oriental-inspired dresser, and a black bedframe with a semi-circle headboard. The coffee table is a rectangular piece of glass over a really awesome panther-sculpture. The panther's shoulders and hips hold up the table. The only splash of color is the cabinets in the kitchen that have been painted a bright turquoise. The condo is much more modern than my tastes, but I'm willing to work with it. The only problem is.... I'm not completely satisfied with the way it looks just yet. I hate having so much white and black in a small space. I like the contrast, but it's too overwhelming. Another issue is my furniture I'm bringing with me is mostly earth colors like brown and beige. Any ideas how I could make this work? Suggestions for painting the wall another color? Or possibly the cabinets? I'm fine with turquoise but if there's another color that works better I'm willing to give it a try. Thanks!

  6. Help me! I'm getting married and moving in with him and I have to start a home!?

    My fiance and I live on opposite sides of the world but are from the same town. We got engaged right before he left for business in Okinawa Japan. Anyway, In Japan he came into a crazy amount of money and told me that when he comes back we are going to elope and start a home in Seattle (its about an hour from our hometown. He has already purchased a house or apartment or something (he's keeping it a secret! He's so mean, haha) and said that I can visit it and use his card to furnish it and stock it with everything we really would have gotten as wedding presents. I'm going this weekend and I'm really scared! Like not of getting lost or whatever but like purchasing everything that goes into a home? For reals, that a lot of stuff and I need some tips on what I'll need, coordinating, lists. I just need help all around. I'd even appreciate pictures to pretty kitchens and bedrooms and everything. I want to have everything ready for us to move in after the mini ceremony! Help help help help! He said that the decorating is totally up to me. I guess we have the same taste in general. We both appreciate retro-modern design as well as classic. We have generally the same color pallete so Im not worried about consulting him. I really appreciate the creative freedom but I dont quite know what to do with it! I guess i'm looking more for inspiration and lists. THANKS! Hey, dont be so mean about it. He asked me to send him links to houses I liked so he likely picked one of those. Compared to the shit hole town we live in now, even an alley with a piece of counter on top of a cardboard box would be fabulous. Its not about what you're living in but who you're living your life with.

  7. How can I make my 70s decor house look good without changing fixtures? (I'm renting so can't re-decorate)?

    Hi there. I have just signed up to a private rental tenancy on a lovely house (from the outside lol) The thing is the interior is, well a little dated. For example the kitchen has the 70s cream with brown cupboard doors etc, and the tiles are another cream with light brown pictures on, probably of a farm or some wheat or something, can't remember but you know what I mean right? Oh and the floor tiles are the same again, a few different shades of brown thrown all over the place. The living room is a lovely long space with bay window and isn't so bad, the walls and carpet are creamy colour and plain so I guess that's a good thing. But it has this long brick built fireplace that goes down from the middle of the room to the bay window in the corner which has a ledge all the way down what you put your TV etc on, it also has a space in it where I'm thinking you'd put some kind of ornament or picture frame? My grandmas actully has something very simelar in her house. The bathroom is quite big complete with be-day (not sure how to spell that) and the bathroom suite is... you guessed it cream with creamy brown tiles. But it does have a nice light laminate floor. The bedrooms are again quite creamy/brown. The main bedrooms have a full wall of built in wardrobes, the wooden slots kind, painted white. As it's rented I can't change much, maybe freshen it up with a lick of paint but it would have to be the same colours. So I'm wondering if there is any way I could make it look cool and stylish, maybe even funky lol, using accessories like new curtains etc? I would quite like to embrace the 70's style but make it less brown and cream, maybe bright but keeping to the 70's theme? I think it would look a bit daft if I tried to put modern stuff in it. I will need to buy curtains etc anyway so what colours should I go for? Also I already have a small 3 seater and 2 seater leather sofa that I will be taking for the living room, but it's quite old and scratched (from the cats) and is faux leather and BROWN!!! So I'm going to get throws in a different colour for them. Any ideas would be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance :) xxxxx

  8. Decorating a college apartment?

    I am a guy moving into a 2 bedroom apartment with another guy. We have 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen. I am looking to remodel the apartment for 2 guys. A girl lived in it before me and needs a major make over for guys. I am looking to spend very little money. We cannot change carpet, or paint the walls... The walls are white. Im looking for some idea on home made decorations or cheap ideas. Thanks!!! I am moving into an apartment with another guy. His sister was his old room mate and has decked the place out as a girls dream home. We need some major help on a makeover!!! Only problem is we cannot paint the walls. I need some major help because I am having to redo the entire living area and my room. I need some cheap and easy college ideas to spice up the apartment!!! Pics, web sites, ideas, anything and everything under the sun will work. Thanks all!!!