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House Interior Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. what are the different models of houses?

    pictures of different houses and the furnitures n interior decorations for that house and the house hold appliances to be used for that house

  2. what is the difference between interior design majors and architecture majors?

    i want to have an interior design major because i like remodeling and designing furniture but i realized recently that architecture is technically the same but more of the actually building. i want to also design buildings exterior, interior, and landscape but i dont know what you actually learn when you have an interior design or architecture major. sooo my question is, what is the difference and what do you learn when you have an interior design major and an architecture major?

  3. Where is a good place to hang a photo collage?

    My dad wants to get one of those photo collage frames and put a bunch of family pictures in it. Where would be a good place to hang the collage in the house?


    We have an exchange student coming and her room is white. My dad won't let me paint it. her favorite colors are dark red and yellow. I need some cool ideas of what to put on the wall like lights or pictures, but hopefully something more creative like that. if you could give me a website that would be amazing. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! again MY DAD WILL NOT LET ME PAINT IT OR PUT WALL PAPER. UP... sorry

  5. Can anyone tell me some interesting facts about the Island of Malta?

    I'm visiting Malta next month, can anyone name some good sites to visit and why?

  6. plase correct the below sentence in all aspects?

    I need websites for interior design, that provide ideas and photos for house decoration, also i need names for interior design agents that can help me in decorating my house. Ps: correct it grammatically and change words if you think they are in the wrong place, i'm not sure if the name interior design agent is correct!!

  7. What are fun games, things to do, etc... at a sleepover? 10 points for best answer!!!!?

    hey! I need some help planning for things to do eg: games.. The party is tomorrow and i need help fast!!!! Here's what we are gonna do so far... 1. silly string fight 2. Dance Dance revolution competition 3. Makeovers 4. Egg hunt in the dark (For easter) That's it they're gonna be here at 5 and i dont have any other ideas of stuff to do!! Helppppp!!!! :D Thanks sooo much! :D

  8. Home designing software?

    i need something online (not to download) that i can just design the interior of a house. Just to get an idea of what i should do mine in. Everything from Furniture, to TV's, to wall decorations, to pictures. Including Bathroom countertops and paint. Carpet and wood flooring. can ANYONE help me? please and thank you

  9. Websites For Korean Drama Sets?

    I love watching korean dramas, but what i especially love is the houses interior design. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that posted pictures of the sets and houses in theses dramas? Thank you very much!

  10. TEENS: How is your bedroom decorated?

    Colors, art, posters, theme, etc. Do you have any pictures? (Not to be a creep, but I'm going to redo mine this summer and I need inspiration!) Do you know any websites with ideas and pictures? BQ: If you could redo it, what would you do?

  11. Bedrrom re-decoration?

    i have just moved into a new house which means new room... Im 13 and want 2 know how 2 make my room really Kool could u plez give me sum tips