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Office Interior Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How a modern business office should look like?

    Furnishing and technical equipment. Some pictures of interior decorations.

  2. Office decoration?

    I'm on student government at college and the interior walls of my office are wide bricks. The brick walls are painted white and the ceiling is pretty high at around 10 or 11 feet. The floor is tile and there are two windows - 1 on each wall. They're each about 1.5 feet wide and 8 feet tall, the bottom 1.5 feet from the floor. It's a fairly large rectangular room, the shortest wall coming in at about 12 - 14 feet. I share the office with another officer, so there are two desks. Overall, it's not a bad office. Just really plain. Decorating tips? Eg. rugs, desks, curtains, chairs, wall hangings? I don't want the people that come into our office to think that it's boring or make-shift (if you spend a little time in there, you begin to picture it as a storage room).

  3. how i make my office more beautiful and improve my skills in secretarial position ?

    i work as a secrtary in a private company , but i want me to be different

  4. I have an office...What should I put in it?

    I work at an insurance company in which I see people everyday. I want to be professional but at the same time I don't want to be OVER professional. I want to put some pictures up of stuff I enjoy like, fishing, and sports. But I don't know if thats to unprofessional. Give me some ideas, as it is BARE. Everyone that comes in has a comment about how bare the walls are.

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    custom paintings,paintings from photos,buy figurative paintings India,please suggest

  6. somber interior?...example please!?

    i'm not sure of what a somber interior is... is it just "inside a room/place"?? can you guys give some examples.. i have to draw out a scene of it.. O.o thanks!

  7. How can I make my rooms to look more mature and cool (unique)?

    I love it when I go visit people and they have their house all decorated neat modern and mature looking. I am 40 single male living on one single family home. I try to keep house inside and out side simple and clean look. I like the decoration of some nice apartment leasing office interiors or nice hotels. They do not have much, but nice hanging pictured walls and furniture around that goes well with their room. My rooms are not messy, but rather well organized, yet I just cant not seems to put it all together. Any tips on interior decorating? (I would not like the idea of hiring an interior decorator, I would like to learn to do it myself at minim cost / minimum living style).

  8. Help to design living room.?

    does any one know of any websites or pictures of living rooms, as i want my living room to match like decor sofas etc and paint, but not sure ware to start i want the walls white and maybe curtains brown to match sofas but just looking for ideas really

  9. what do you think of these paint colors?

    k so i am a young girl and im getting my own room, which has always been used as a storage room/office room before and its very dreary so my parents said i could paint the walls however i wanted :) so i want to paint all the walls cheerful bright colors.... so far, my ideas are orange, hot pink, green (like a grassy, leafy sort of green) and then....maybe a turquoise/teal sort of blue.... what other colors could i use to replace any of these colors? lol and also, what color carpet should i get.....?? cuz the old one is alll messed up... thanks :)

  10. Is it really good to ask a professionals "advise"?

    After my holidays I had the idea to put some new deco in my office in which I see clients for different sorts of therapy. So I bought new (expensive) cushions for the couch and some matching pictures on the wall. All the other things I left the way they had been already before the holiday. Last weekend a mother from my son picked her son up from our house after a sleep over and we had a chat with a coffee. I asked her if she wanted to sit in my office. It was the first time I invited her into the office which is accessible by a separate entrance to the house. The lady is a professional interior decorator, highly successful. I wondered how she liked my office. She said she feels very well in the office but these cushions on the sofa, she would take them far away as they would not fit into a therapy setting. I laughed and said that I just bought them. She explained to me that they look very nice but depressed people would not be able to handle them and I should use soft colors on the sofa, like rose, orange etc. Over the days I really got very confused about her advise. I tried things out and never felt properly at home in my own office. I liked the cushions I bought and actually thought that they fit the purpose very well and also felt that they would be fine for the type of clients I usually get and also personally like as clients. But I thought if I leave them and if she comes back in to check, she will think I do not honor her professional opinion. Or maybe she is right and clients would feel better her way. Or her way fits another type of client, perhaps one which have a huge amount of money and I should adapt to them to increase my income. But my experience is that every single person has such a different taste that it might not even matter this much as the office has a nice outlook towards the garden. I feel mentally confused now( I need some therapy) and wished I never would had asked her as then I would be in perfect peace with the decoration I have chosen. I do never ever give "advise" to my own clients, who present me often with pretty shaky life problems, but I always lead them to find their own ways or decisions or use approaches which help them find their own inner voice and now I experience how confusing advise can be. She meant it very well, but it did me not so good. What do you think about this? Thank you for your valid answers. The funny thing is that I actually when choosing the cushions, I thought on some clients of myself, and put myself in their position trying to sense if they would feel well with them. When she then said that these are absolutely unsuitable for a therapy setting as these colors would have a negative effect on them the way she learned it in her profession, I later doubted suddenly my own ability to judge or decide in regards to "decorations". Perhaps I have a talent in regards to the actual work I do, but not really in things of how to decorate a space appropriately.