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Interior Decoration Pictures Curtains Questions Answered!

  1. Are there any good DIY projects relating to interior room design I should look into?

    Things that are used to decorate the room & stuff.

  2. Decorating a new bathroom with a NYC theme?

    I am renovating a bathroom completely--new tiles, wall color, etc. I want a NYC theme. I have a really cool photo of the Statue of Liberty to start with. I don't want to go too over the top, but I want to choose tile and wall colors, and maybe add an interesting decoration or 2. What colors for tile floor and painted walls would you suggest? Any cool or fun NYC decor ideas? Thanks!

  3. What does a Production Designer specifically do for a movie?

    I would just like to know what the Production Designer does specifically when it comes to film production. Any information on the position would be helpful, even their average salary for a movie. Any info you can offer! Thanks!

  4. bedroom wall color and curtains colour?

    If I change the bedsheets regularly then it wont match with the curtains and wall colour?so it will look really different and weird with different colors everywhere.waht am i supposed to do now? not change the bedsheets or paint the room white so that it matches with every bedsheet and curtain colour?

  5. I am trying to do my room in a Eifel Tower/ Paris themed room.?

    My room is already zebra print, and my walls are hot pink, i really dont want to change it, i need some websites to give me some good decorations that would be cute with zebra print, like pillows and posters and like wall decorations, thanks for all of your help. please help.(:

  6. help me design my bedroom with decorations? (interior decorating)?

    i basically have a big room with windows, grey walls and a bed, the bed looks like this (in black, with the sheets): http://www.pbteen.com/products/dorm-ruched-duvet-cover-pillowcase/?pkey=cgirls-duvet-cases&cm_src=girls-duvet-cases||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_- i would like my room to be some sort of theme, your choice! beach, formal, black and white... etc. I just need help spicing up my room! thankyou so much for your contributions! please no rude answers, this isn't a joke! can you help me with finding furniture (curtains, decorations, picture frames) for my room?

  7. How should I decorate my big, ugly room? (pic included) ?

    My room is really big and interesting, it's got a balcony, a bathroom of its own and its literally huge, however I am HOPELESS with interior design. I don't know how to make my room seem less dull and more exciting. Like the rest of our house, it's painted federation/victorian theme with green and white and cream walls and my parents aren't willing to re-paint the walls for me. I also don't have much money to buy new furniture as if I wanted anything I'd have to save up for myself, but feel free to give ideas of what sort of furniture would go well in my room. My mum is also willing to sew any sorts of decorations/curtains/features. This picture http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/5132/photo47ip6.jpg is the view from my computer onward. Looking the other way, my room is almost identical to that side in terms of the structure of the room, like it's got a window in pretty much the same spot etc. except to the right there are two mirror doors filling up the wall and the left is the balcony door and the bathroom so furniture can't be placed on either side and at the moment I only have my computer there near my bathroom door and under the window. I'm also a 17 year old girl if that helps

  8. What color goes well with black (interior design)?

    here is the problem 1.) i am a guy. i am clueless about interior design 2.) wall is painted tannish pink (not my choice). carpet is light colored 3.) my coffee table, sofa, desk, and study lamp is black 4.) the only think non-black is my dark red rug (beneath my coffee table), white shelf, and my silver floor lamp As you can see, i have too much black in my living room. The last piece of furniture that i want to purchase is a long tv stand. I want the color of the tv stand to mix well with the rest of the color. My question What color tv stand should i purchase? What color goes well with black? I want my living room to appear sleek and kind of modern. any other tips and suggestions would be great. Thanks

  9. Calling all budding interior designers! decoration advice for boy and girl sharing a room please!?

    I live in a two bedroom flat and pretty soon I will be moving my youngest (8 month old boy) to share a room with my oldest (4 year old girl). At the moment, her room is very pink and purple, but we are going to do a complete re-decoration and will eventually be buying bunk beds when my son is old enough. I want something that looks classy or modern.... I Really DONT want disney characters or anything like that. I was thinking along the lines of princesses and knights, but it will need to last a few years and I am worried that my daughter will grow out of that too soon. I am looking for advice in: Wall colour Duvet themes / colours curtain colours any other tips / good online shops etc. Many thanks in advance!

  10. Housewarming party suggestions please...?

    First of all I want to make a housewarming party with friends and church members... so NO ALCOHOL, plus im pregnant so its no fair to drink in front of me... Id kill for a margarita... My husband is making lumpias (this philipino food, kinda like an eggroll), some chips, dip, sodas, tea, punch what else should I make, I dont want to make a meal, just like finger food. What kind of finger foods should I incorporate. Second of all it's a party! And I kinda would appreciate gifts becase we need basic stuff like: curtains, silverware, trashcans, etc. Those little things. I made an invitation. Can you please put your input on the invitation. It's that way because it folds. I put that little envelope figure in the bottom to hint to bring money but should I put how much I want? I only want like $10.00 not too much, but it's reasonable right? I'm considering doing it hawaiin theme... Ne more input! please http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v44/spunky04/Nothiiin/housewarming.jpg the invitation i want to include or do is in this link http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v44/spunky04/Nothiiin/housewarming.jpg

  11. MIL keeps decorating our house, can we stop her?

    My MIL has this habit of buying us stuff for our house. once she bought us sun and moon bathroom accessories including shower curtain and light switch plate. I HATE that theme, but suddenly we were obligated to have it. She also buys us a lot of wall decorations and not only gives us them but tells us which room she wants them in: whether the decor or theme even goes! This is our first house and it has always been my dream to be the interior designer...not to mention my hubby has Np with me being the designer. The most recent thing she's given us is a PADDLE (paddle! WTF?!) to hang on our walls. OMG we don't have a fishing cottage! Her decor just doesn't fit in with our style. I wanted to be nice about it so we've been displaying stuff but it's an ongoing problem....when is enough, enough, and what can I do to politely stop her??? We can do our own decorating! (She keeps giving us Asian themed things too. Like the thought is nice, but not if it's not your thing and not your style!) As joke I told my hubby I was going to buy her a full bathroom or bedroom set, curtains and all of something like a heavy metal band or some odd thing like pictures of police officers on it and give it to her as a gift. Maybe that would drive the point home in a more obvious way for her. seriously, what can I do?

  12. how can i finish my home decor projects? need help decorating and fixing things!?

    Last year i fell in love with a show called Nate. the host of the show i called Nate he gives you tips,hint, ideas and ways to save! i got a million ideas for my room and bathroom. My sister and i share a room. she is 15 and im 21 we both liv with our parents. We decided to give our room a new look. we pick out our colors painted the room. it looks awesome now our problem is what do we do about the decorations and curtain's?! The colors we have i our room are silver matt gray and Lavender matt. the doors and frames were painted semi gloss swiss white. The color is great but i have ran out of ideas to work with our room. we have a limited amount of wall space and we don't want to over do it. i 3 feet wide of wall space and on the wall next to that i have an empty wall with noting, but my dresser and a very small flat screan tv. My sister wants to have an old hollywood theme type of room with pictures of old celebrity like Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe. the idea sounds great but in not to convinced about it. i want something more simple like pictures of us sepia or gray with white frames. Also the curtains are another issue, the wall is Purple and the walls next to it are gray. what color curtains would match? Bathroom! i decided to paint my bathroom a light pastell yellow. the bathroom was white before and tile is still a powder blue color with white tile checkered. there are parts of the tile what were paintied white along time ago. is there any way i can remove the old dryed paint without damagine the tile?