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Free Interior Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. im looking for a site or a online magazine with pictures and ideas for bedroom Design?

    a interior Design magazine\site with alot of pictures, and free.

  2. does anyone know the value of a painting i have ?

    i have a large painting of a sad clown on canvas and framed, signed by Cooper. on the back of the painting is a certificate stamp, collection series artistic interiors inc. # 010630A, there is also another painting same style and matching frame of carnival rides

  3. Something weird about this...please help. Anyone who knows anything about this please answer. I'm scared......?

    Recently I bought an african witch doctor mask as an interior decoration piece for a room I'm working on. In the week after I bought it, really really bad things started happening. My best friend got hit by a car, I went manic depressive for the first time in a long time and I keep waking up with panic attacks. I feel uneasy and unhappy all the time and I think it may have some connection with the mask. My cat won't go near me and hisses at me and won't eat anything I give her. My neighbour started screaming at me and throwing things over my fence. I'm really freaked out. I have a feeling it's the mask and I don't know what to do. I don't believe in witch doctor crap and spirits etc but there is something wrong about this and I'm scared. I'm scared to get rid of it, I'm scared something awful willl happen if I do. I feel like this starting to mess with my head and I need help. What do I do? Does anyone have any experience with this? Please please help me So get rid of it and fuck the consequences? Will it leave me alone?

  4. Pattern artists?

    Right i have an art exam and i need help in finding a good artist i can study. My like theme is Decoration/Pattern and i picked the sub title 'figures in interior'. So i am looking for either a artist that does good patterns or one that does clothing/fashion. or Even a artist that draws henna? but not on the actual body but like paints/draws onto a picture? Anyone got any artists or ideas that could be helpful?

  5. Some cheap/free tips for my new room?

    I recently moved to Orlando with my sister. For the first time in 18 years, I have my own room. So I get to pick out whatever I want for my room that suits me. I now have to pay rent, so money is really tight for me. I was wondering what's some good cheap (even free) decoration tips and idea I can use for my room. My walls are pretty plain, I have 1 poster up, and a few bulletin boards. But I want to spice it up more. I love bright and vibrate colors. Any ideas? Websites, DIY tips, Pictures of your dorm/room, anything can help. Thanks!

  6. Decoration Ideas For this Mess - Check Pictures- Challange!?

    We just rented this place for our burger place. It is a mess - but I have high hopes! We are on a budget so no interior decorator, landscape architect. I want to create a relaxed, cozy place that does not scream pricey! I want people think : this place look delicious and not-so pricey! Not a very sunny place so I am confused about light as well - I am cluless on that subject. Please check the pictures. I would really appreciete any kind of guidance, link, suggestions. Free burgers all of whom have helped me! :) http://s858.photobucket.com/albums/ab142/denizali/ added note - all those horrible furniture and paintings are from the previous owner - which are going to dumpster!!!