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Home Interior Decoration Design Questions Answered!

  1. Do you have any ideas for a short story relating to interior design/decoration/homes etc.?

    Well, For my Stop Press elective in school, i must produce a magazine on a topic of my choice. I chose to focus my magazine on interior design/decoration (home magazine) as it is my passion and obsession : D I must include a short story relating to the topic of my magazine but i am completely stuck for ideas and have no idea where to start! Any ideas/suggestions or just tips for writing short stories will be most appreciated! Thanks so much

  2. which method do you suggest for advetrtisment about ,renovation and decoration?

    we have made a Co. for doing interior design and executing them,there are some ordinary methods like flyers,magazines ,billboards but i am looking for some methods which people are mostly attracted and feel more convenient about them cause for some people COMPANY means extra expenditures!

  3. What is the traditional interior design for a home built 1920?

    I'd like to know what was typical in interior design for a home in this period. I'm buying a cottage style home built in 1920, and I'd love to integrate some of the traditional style with my contemporary taste. What was popular in color, line, etc? Any suggestions for websites that I can check out would be so appreciated =) Thanks!

  4. A cheap and inspirational book on decoration and interior design?

    I really like inspirational decoration like The Selby or Freshhome sites etc. Can you recommend any cheap books on decoration, architecture and interior design? (please don't recommend selby I already know it:)) I really want them to be inspirational, they can also talk about the history of it too.

  5. What color should I choose for my country style kitchen?

    I am using Better Homes and Gardens Interior Design Software and I have decorated the kitchen with a lot of country stuff like chickens, cows, pigs, country eggs, aunt jamima so my kitchen right now is like a tanish brownish color. The cabinets and the drows are tan and the wallpaper is a tan decoration. So I am trying to find a color for my kitchen to go with the country style.

  6. Can someone tell me which are the best universities in US to study home decoration and design? Thanks!?

    I'm planning to study home deco and design in the US (I'm not a US citizen), but I don't know which are the best universities for this career. I'll really appreciate if someone can give me some coach and advice. Also, do you know any info about scholarships for this career ??? Thanks!

  7. How can I get into an interior design or decorating career?

    Hi everyone! I'm 22 years old and about to graduate from my Psychology degree. I made the wrong choice - I wish I'd followed a more creative path, but hey, that's life. Eventually, my dream is to develop property and have my own business. This will take a long time and a lot of saving up, so I know I can't do this straight after Uni. In the meantime, I'd love to start a career in interior design or painting and decorating (or something similar). Does anyone know how I can get into this line of work? Do you know of any apprenticeships or training? Or any jobs where I can just get straight in there? Of course, I'm looking around myself too and researching it, but I just wondered if anyone out there could give me any help. Thanks in advance! xx Emmie I'm in the UK by the way :-)

  8. How do you describe the design of a Ranch Style home?

    Im doing an essay on ranch homes and the style and design of them, and i cant find anything thats not confusing when i read it or not specific enough, Also do you know any designers that work with this home?

  9. Does anyone out there know of any lagit stay at home jobs out there?

    I want to make descent money working from home so I can stay at home with my daughter. I am very creative and artistic, any ideas on how I can use my creativity and make money would be great. Thank you!

  10. I'm looking for a way to make money at home that is not a scam?

    I am disabled and looking for any way to make money at home that won't be a rip off. Like surveys or something anyone know a good company?

  11. Which is the best magazine on Interior decoration and home decor-all in one?

    I do not want to subscribe to too many.