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Office Interior Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. How would I find information about dying a carpet a different color?

    I'm doing some research for my boss....he just rented out a new office building and he wants to make a couple changes. Somehow it finds on me to figure all of this stuff out and I know NOTHING about interior decorating! He wants to dye the carpet...I don't know if it's possible to DYE carpet but he specifically told me to check how much it would cost to dye around 1500 square feet of carpet.

  2. What color paint goes with my dark cherry desk?

    I want to paint my office...something. I have always had white walls and I would like to try some color. But I have this big dark cherry desk and I have no clue what color to paint. The room is small but it has a good size window and gets good light. The carpet is, well, mostly cream. This interior decorating thing is not my forte.

  3. How can I get started as a interior decorator?

    I would like to know how to start my biz as a interior decorated

  4. What should I do to make a living in the meantime?

    Alright, a little background...I am getting my degree in Design currently and I have about 1 year and half to go. I plan to get my Masters in Real Estate Development and my career plan is to open a firm which flips houses and sells them for profit. I don't know what I can do in the meantime but, I was thinking of starting small by doing an interior decorating business. Any ideas?

  5. What other interior decorating related jobs are there?

    I enjoy decorating, painting, designing things and putting things where they belong with furniture... bedroom, bathroom, what other types of jobs out their that I can do?

  6. Does the president get to do any interior decorating in the white house?

    Serious question, no stupid or racist answers, please. I was just wondering if WHOMEVER is president has to keep whatever interior design is in the white house or if they get to change things like their bedrooms and whatnot.? I didn't say it was relevant to the elections. I was just wondering. That's why I'm on Y!A, idiot.

  7. My feng shui kua # is 7. How do I decorate my apartment interior?

    I reside with my husband whose feng shui kua # is 3. My kua # is 7, so how do I balance both our Kua #'s for interior decoration? Can I just focus on mine for home interior decoration and my husband's at his office interior, as per his kua #3?

  8. I am starting an errand service and need help choosing a professional and catchy name for my new business?

    Some of the services I will provide include: pickup/delivery, gift and grocery shopping, home check in while you are away, wait for repairman, in-home visits to homebound, home office support, light interior decorating, and moving assistance.

  9. Decorator, how to break in, can you make a living? Painting,consultant, nurse,writer?

    Help! I'm a bit burned out in the nursing field. In the medical field for 26 yrs. Have always loved to paint, have sold a few. Very basic, abstract, funky stuff. Love interior decorating, painting assoc. with that, furniture design, & the arts. Any ideas if I can make a living at these, even a meager one? And HOW to get started or break into this & the art world? Also done informal consulting on love lives/dating with friends & friends of friends with success, & other 'advice' situations which I love. How the heck can you turn that into a living? I enjoy writing, problem solving, am very resourceful! Be a personal assistant to someone interesting? Would love to have a flea market/local art place. Takes all your time, I hear very low income. My only child I raised on my own, is in college .Also, I recently injured my back,so finding a nsg. job even p-time just to pay the bills is a challenge. Most all are quite physical and Dr's offices won't hire RN's.Too cheap!

  10. what classes would I be taking with the Penn Foster Career in interior design?

    I haven't finished my classes yet for Penn Foster High, but when I'm finished I'm planning on going on to their career college, and either I'll be going in to interior design or Floral design (which in my old high school I was in Horticulture, floral, and landscape). So what classes, and what would I be learning, so maybe I could get a head start. Thanks.

  11. How do you put interior design plan as an expense in accounting? What accounting terminology should i use?

    I recently had someone draw an interior plan for a store and i don't know how to put it as an expense.. what do i put? improvements? marketing expense?

  12. What would someone pay for decorating tips and ideas?

    I am looking to start a small side business with my ideas and tips for a new office or a home. I am not licensed so I am not sure on exactly how much to charge or where to find the right way to charge.

  13. What is the difference between "architecture" as a field/profession and "interior design"?

    Is it that the architect builds what the interior designer designs? Or that the designer is more concentrated on the look & feel of a space and the architect with the structure? Also, which field is more lucrative or has higher earnings potential?

  14. Where do we start redesigning our house interior ?

    We've just finished completely renovating our house and it's virtually unfurnished. We now want to start decorating but every interior designer we speak to says "tell us what you want". The problem is, we don't know what we want! Where do we start?

  15. How do I get on an interior design TV show?

    My office is a mess. I cant decorate to save my life and I need to figure out how to make the most out of my space. I LOVE While You Were Out on TLC but I cant find an application for the show anywhere. Does anyone have a link or info for that or another decorating show I can get on?

  16. Do you need a degree in Interior design to become an interior designer?

    I have a degree in Literary Arts and in corporate PR. How do I go about pursuing a career in interior design? I am very good at decorating & design, it is my passion and I have received compliments from almost everyone who has visited my home.

  17. How much does an interior decorator get paid?

    By the client? I'm doing some research and I was wondering, if a decorator works at a firm and that firm gets a job to decorate an entire office building with, let's say 25 floors, in Manhattan. How much would the client pay firm and how much would the decorator receive? And also, is that a reasonable job?