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Free Home Interior Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can anyone please suggest me regarding website on free interior designing/ home decor ideas . Thx?

    particularly on painting tips and ideas, bathrooms , bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms photos

  2. Does any direct sales rep know what is the best way to have an online book party?

    I really want to start offering them, but don't know much about it. I sell Home Interiors & Gifts/Better Homes and Gardens Collection. I am trying to expand my business. I would love any suggestions or ideas. I have my own website: http://homeinteriors.com/designsbyniki I have applied for director this month, yeah! But, I want to really do even more than a couple parties a week. Also, what is the best way to recruit. I NEED to recruit 6+ people this fall. I really want to succeed!!! If I do I will earn my Ford Mustang absolutely free. Also, does anyone know of websites that let you advertise free? Thanks ahead of time for any advice, ideas ect! Have a great day!

  3. Any suggestions or advice on starting a business?

    I would like to start my own business soon. Any suggestions or advice??? What type of business ideas should I stay away from? What type of business is most profitable? I was thinking of starting out with a handbag and home interior business?

  4. Need to hire interior designer for condo project?

    I would like to update my home. Since I have no sense of style, I need to hire a designer. What question should I ask when interviewing a designer?

  5. i am starting a painting business what are some effective ways of advertising and stirring up activity?

    looking for insight on how to stir up activity.i am currently doing the normal small classified adds,door hangers,free local bulletin boards and super markets.besides telling everybody i know what are some other ideas that are different than the norm?we do mainly homes interior/exterior.I also want to market us as clean cut individuals that are solid good workers rather than the industry standard of paint covered slobs. any insight is greatly appreciated.

  6. What is the best way to promote an interior design business that would not cost a lot of money?

    I have been in business for almost one year. I have a small store where I sell home accessories and I also have interior design business. Both are not doing well. I'm out of money however really want to make this business work. Any suggestion?

  7. I'm am looking for some ideas to increase business in a steadily growing country town bar.?

    Looking to attract a variety of age groups, particulary that middle generation of guys that come in for a coldie after work. Wanting to increase our weekday patronage. They just want cheap beer, but unfortunately that just ain't gonna happen, thanks to the brewery's. Any ideas would be a great help.

  8. What renovations can you do to fix up a home?

    Just wondering if any one has any ideas on different renovations you can do to make your house look better. I have a split entry house that is about 20 years old. It is surrounded by older homes, that make the street look sketchy. However, I want to add some new things to my house to make it look somewhat better. Any suggestions?

  9. How do I start a club about environmental issues?

    I am starting an environmental club at my college and i need ideas. How can i make it interesting? topics to discuss? how can i motivate my classmates to join my club? i want people at my college to start caring about the environment. I am myself a student, but I don't where to start with my club to make my classmates care about these problems and i desire to get everyone involved. .

  10. How does hiring an interior designer work?

    I just purchased a home and I need help picking paint, furniture, etc. How does it work when you do a consultation with a designer? Do they come out to your home and tell you ideas? What if you don't like their ideas?

  11. Where can I find a paint scheme for my 1940's home?

    I have no idea what colors were used in the '40's to decorate with. I need interior and exterior colors. I cannot find a website anywhere.

  12. How would I go about designing my own home?

    I'm a man of many crazy ideas, but this one is something I'd actually like to get done some day. I'm only 18, but perhaps in the far off future, this may be possible, provided that I have the money to do so. I want to have someone build my dream home, but I don't know where to start! I don't think I'd have the time to pursue a degree in architectural design, haha. Instead, I may have to look for the specialists that, when pieced together, will help me achieve my dream goal. One of the things my dream home would include would be a theater and game room, complete with acoustics and visual projection accounted for. I'm also fond of minimalistic interior color schemes, like in Mirror's Edge. The exterior would be quite minimalistic as well. I imagine I would need some electrical engineers, an architect, an interior designer, an audio engineer, a real estate agent, and so on so forth. I'm sure someone would have to be good with Auto CAD as well for the drafting. Where would I go to look for these people? Some architectural firm? Freelancers? A company that specializes in building custom homes? Where can I go to pitch my ideas, assemble a team, and get it going?

  13. Is their a job like Architecture but without the art aspect? like an interior designer?

    I like the idea of designing but hate art and am rubbish at drawing. Ive done a 3D product design GCSE and want some ideas on sixth form and careers. I love maths and making things. Any ideas?

  14. Do you know of any good websites where I can see sample kitchens?

    We're building our home and I'd like to see a lot of pictures of sample kitchens (color, layout, and appliances.) Most important is the color combinations... we are pretty settled on layout. Maybe a website that allows you to pick your colors and see how they match. Thanks!

  15. Any site where I can provide my home floor plan and they prepare interior designs for free ?

    I am looking to get my home redone and want some new and practical ideas..... but am really confused and want professional help in choosing whats best for me and my family. If I can get the design ... i can slowly build it out on my own as I am on a tight budget.

  16. What is the room you are in right now like?

    Will you describe it please? I'm really interested in interiors and I'm always looking for new ideas and details of other ppl's homes! Feel free to post pics too, that would be great! What's the rest of the house like?? Any good websites for this sort of thing?

  17. What the best way to plan out a floor plan in a house?

    We are trying to build a second bathroom and it has to go in the corner on top of the existing bathroom. The problem is it's making this terrible T shaped room. Where can I look for ideas? We are having so many issue due to the crawl space and the existing structure of the house?