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Cool Car Interior Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Why does my car guzzle gas when the AC is on?

    I have a 2005 dodge stratus and I can go a week on a tank of gas. For some reason, when the AC is running I use 2 or 3 tanks for the same amount of driving. Does anyone have an idea what's wrong so I can fix it? I'd rather not pay a mechanic an armload of money to tell me when I can find out for myself. Any ideas? I understand that a car uses a little more gas but not 2-3 times. There is something else wrong and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. The filters and everything else are new.

  2. Is there any way to keep the interior of a car cool with ice?

    My old 240Z doesn't have air conditioning, and I live in a very hot/humid climate. Would it work to put a bag of ice over the intake into the cabin? I've heard that people used to do that a long time ago. Another idea I had was to get a 12V fan that somehow blows through the ice in the rear hatch. Anyone else ever tried anything like this?

  3. What is the best way to wash my car? I need to know about waxing a DULL paint job and...?

    My car is 1996 and has been VERY neglected. I want to wash it and make it shine since the shine coat of paint has worn off and I can't afford to repaint it. I've never waxed or polished a car before & I've heard it's an ALL day job PLUS I live in FL and there is no cool time to wax it. So what should I do? What should I use? Any ideas on how to REALLY CLEAN the leather and make it shine? THANKS!

  4. I currently live in Pheonix Arizona right now and when I cant find shade to park my car?

    My steering wheel gets incredibly hot and I cannot even touch it. Also, when I step into my car and turn it on the digital thermometer can sometimes read 200F. Are there any ways in making it tolerable sitting in you car when going somewhere?

  5. Cool cheap ideas for my car interior?

    I figured that I spend too many hours in my car (alone and with company) so I want to add some cool and funny stuff to the interior of my Ford EcoSport just for me and my friends amusement. For example, attaching a white board so my friends can write or draw. Other example would be a kaleidoscope. Do you have any ideas?

  6. What can i do to a 07 Honda Civic to make it cooler?

    I am going to get a honda civic form my first car. (probably) What can i do to the interior and exterior to make it awesome? I.E. speakers, body kit, etc. Also, if my dad takes the civic what other tuner could i buy for under 10k?

  7. Is a 1994 BMW 325i with 162k miles on it a good idea?

    I am considering getting one. I like the body style and look of the interior, not to mention the price. So, how will it hold up? Also, how does it compare to the older E30 BMWs?

  8. Can someone give me insight on the BMW MINI? Is the car hype or is it the real mccoy?

    Are they built well, will they last many years and take high mileage. Does anyone have a high mileage Mini, any issues? Would you recommend the car for a teen, the one with 6 airbags. What do you think?

  9. what should I upgrade first on my car?

    I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero...should I upgrade the engine, interior, speakers, exterior....what are some upgrade ideas also..thanks.

  10. What would look better, black and yellow or red and yellow malibu?

    I have a Chevy Malibu '01 and I would love to pimp it out. First I want to re-paint it. I no for sure, the body of the car is going to be black. But the rims and the inside I want a different color. Should I go with Black and yellow or black and red? Also, what are some cool ideas to pimp out a car like mine. Thank u

  11. What would produce a bigger profit on a 1980 Cutlass Supreme?

    I have a 1980 Cutlass Supreme.Would restoring the car to original design or doing custom work on it produce a bigger profit. Still have original A-trak, rims, interior in good condition. Engine in good shape.

  12. Would putting big bottles of water keep my car cool?

    Even though my car has tinted windows and I use a reflective sun shade, it still gets ridiculously hot. I was thinking that if I put a couple of five gallon bottles of water in there, the energy would go to heating those up and keep the interior cooler. Is that a reasonable assumption?

  13. Can I hook an Ipad up to control car settings?

    I had an idea to turn my Ipad 1st Gen. into a temperature, volume, radio, and just all around car control center for all interior hook ups. Is this possible?