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Classic Car Interior Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Classic Car "FINDERS FEE"-How do you become a finder?

    They have ads in Hemmings Motor News offering commissions for finders of pre and post war vintage cars (Rolls Royce, Bentley). How does one go about becoming a FINDER for classic cars? What procedures does the buyer (who i would be the agent for) use to verify the vehicle i find if it is accross the country for sale (or even outside the USA)? Anybody with experience? Is a used car dealers license required to work as a classic car finder?Thanks

  2. How can I find the value of my Classic car?

    I inheirited a 1966 Chevy Caprice all in original condition( so needs some T.L.C.) and have no idea what it's worth. Does anyone know of a website or something that takes into account options/condition, etc when assigning value? It has the 396 (big block), with matching numbers, and all power options (seats, windows, AC, etc, all from original), with auto transmission. It's been stored inside since 1978, so is virtually rust-free, just dusty. It is NOT in perfect condition - needs new paint/interior fabric, etc from age. Would love to restore self (inheirited from Grandfather), but realistically by time have time and money....... I'd rather someone else enjoy it. Someone please help me so I don't rip myself off - I have no idea what this is worth!! (My first guess was $1000, but is obviously way too low, according to Ebay, etc) Is there somewhere I can get a more accurate number?

  3. How much is my Honda 82 civic sedan worth?

    I have a beautiful Honda 82 civic sedan with 30000 original miles, perfect paint, and original interior. How much is this worth? It runs perfectly.

  4. How much could i potentially sell my car for?

    I have a 1986 Porsche 944...it a stick and it shakes a lil bit when you drive it but it runs..it needs a paint job, but nothing serious..it has stock rims on it and they're in great condition. Te interior is all there but it isn't in the best conditon. Less than 90,000 miles on it..I want to sell it but only if I can get good money out of it. How much do you car experts think i could sell it for?

  5. Is a karmann ghia a good first car and will this look good?

    Okay so for my first car i'm thinking about a karmann ghia convertible with a summer yellow exterior and white interior. i would keep the classic seats and steering wheel. What does anyone think? also--any other similar ideas? i am interested in working on it mechanically--like fixing it up myself... and although i prefer automatic, i am able to drive a stick. I like classic cars like the ghia. I'm not looking for anything too new or boring. thanks to all whov answered!

  6. Classic Cars: How $$ to update a 53 Chevy?

    I know there is no hard and fast answer, but can anyone give me a ballpark? I want to get it for my husband, but first want to make sure we can afford what needs to be done(lol). The car is $800 and has a running engine. Husband can do interior and body work, but will need some one to bring it up to date (updated breaks, install A/C, any welding type things etc). Any rough idea of what this could run?

  7. How to clean an old car's interior?

    I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic. I need some tips on how to clean the interior to make it look like new. Help?

  8. How much should a 1965 Mustang Fastback w/ 289 V8 cost?

    NOTE: It is my uncles car the mechanics are good and well maintained, the body of the car is also in descent condition, as well as the interior. He was also wanting to put a 1968 302 V8 in it before he gets rid of it is this a good idea?

  9. How much can I sell my antique car for?

    It's a 1949 red Chrysler. It's been sitting in our driveway for years now but it needs some fix ups. Including a paint job, new tires, new engine, etc. I want to sell it for at least $2,000 but what is the most i can sell it for?

  10. How much should I sell my 86 SS Monte Carlo for?

    It has only 73,000 miles, t-tops, all options, totally straight body, fairly clean interior. I've seen them on ebay with similar mileage for as much as 6500. The NADA Classic Car Guide put it at btw 4500 and 6700.

  11. How much will it cost me to rebuild my Nissan 1988 300ZX?

    I have a Nissan 1988 300ZX that needs paint job and rust work! Maybe engine and transmission. I love this car so much that i will spend my whole money taking care of her, it's a rare car guys and it's gonna be a classic soon! so anybody have any idea how much it's gonna cost me to rebuild this beast???? I LOVE THIS CAR SO MUCH, i don't care how much will it cost me.

  12. How much is a truck worth?

    how much is a running international 1951 L110 truck worth with no paintjob or interior work done on it .

  13. Can i put Chevy lumina parts on an 1987 Corsica, Berrtta too?

    I just got a 87 Corsica and with the thought in mind of dropping in a 95 motor and tranny , and putting a nice exhust and a nice set of rims i need some ideas for the inside. Can i put lumina or berretta interior in a Corsica?? Do early 80 Camaro rims fit ? Berreta Spoiler, lumina spoiler. and what car should i take the 4 wheel brakes set off of for my car?

  14. How much would this car be worth?

    a '67 Chevy Impala, rebuilt motor, replaced the standard with an automatic. 350 V8 engine, baby blue paint, white leather interior. 70k miles. There are no dints or scratches. 2 door. Everything is original except for the engine and the replaced standard. any ideas or an estimate? I looked but couldn't find anything Oh and its a hardtop

  15. How much is this car worth?

    a 1969 Pontiac GTO. My buddy is asking me because he is thinking about selling it(i know stupid idea!!!) Great condition, Mint Interior. HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH IF MY BUDDY WAS TO SELL IT TOMORROW??? THANK YOU!!! Blase Mesle-Yeah ok. u wayyyyy off man. i know its more than that. ESPECIALLY THAT PONTIAC IS OUT OF BUSINESS NOW!!!

  16. i need help thinking of a color for my 67 mustang coupe?

    i am going to be painting my project car soon but have not yet decided on a color. It has an olive green and grey leather interior, stock styling. I was thinking of a dark green with black racing stripes since i have a shelby hood and slightly lowered front end, especially with a blacked out grille, basically all in all i want something that will look mean.

  17. Appraisal price for 1976 Ford Econoline custom van?

    I want to sell my 1976 Ford Econoline custom van and don't know what price is reasonable. The engine is very good, exterior excellent, interior is dated but clean. Just a ballpark figure can help, KBB doesn't help at all. Any websites can help too. Thanks