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Pink Car Interior Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What kind of paint should I use on the interior of my civic?

    Ive been looking around to paint some of the interior of my honda pink. I dont want to over do it I just want to make it look a little girly. I'm also getting a piant job for my whole car soon HOPEFULLY (any suggestions). What kind of paint should I use? Will it chip off the plastic? Is it spray paint or paint I would use a paint brush for? No idea pleasee help.

  2. How to remove fabric stains from the car seat?

    I bought a new car a couple of months back. The interiors of the car is light ivory color. The other day my friend wore a brand new dress and came with me in the car. Her dress was pink in color. After we got down I noticed that the pink dress left some fabric stains on the car seat. And now the seat is pink in color. I have no idea what to do. Can anyone suggest anything on this please. Thank you.

  3. How can I make my car more girly and fun?

    I got my license yesterday even though I've been 16 for a while. My car is a beige 2000 Camry and it's kind of old looking. I am grateful I have a car, but I would like for it to be a little more youthful. Do you girls have anymore ideas on how you make older-looking cars more youthful? I already have cheesy music from like 2005 haha. Anything else? PLEASE

  4. Any ideas on how to decorate the interior of my car?

    Im 19 and have a convertible beetle and would like to decorate the interior in some way. Pink decor.. any ideas?

  5. Hot Pink car accessories for my Honda Civic?

    I have a 2008 Black Honda Civic Ex and I am trying to make it look girly but nice. Any ideas of where I can go to get stuff or work done? Or any ideas of what to get done to my car? I want black rims with Hot pink trim and a Hot Pink H emblem. Please help!

  6. How can I "pimp out" my old, worn out (in terms of appearance and how it runs) 1990 Ford Tempo? I need ideas!

    I'm a teenage girl driver, so this will be my first car. It's sort of a fixer upper. My family hasn't used that car since they got a new one, and it hasn't been used for about 4 years or so. What's wrong with it is; the AC is broken, the brakes stall out at times, sometimes it doesn't start, and the interior is a mess. You can see the inside of the seat it's so bad! Oh, and the stereo is sort of broken as well, since the LCD screen (which shows what station it's on) is broken, and it doesn't have a CD player. Most important of course is fixing the problems with the brakes and such, but I'd also like it to look nice as well! And it's white, and that color is kind of boring in my taste. So any easy, inexpensive(remember I'm a teen with an extremely limited budget) ways to make it look nice/fix it up? Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks a lot =)

  7. Where can I buy neon interior car lights?

    I want pink. I have a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse cream colored. I have done a lot to it now I am just doing small things to it . I just have no idea where to buy them

  8. what should i do to make my car cuute?

    so i just got my first car... its a green (blehh) Nissan sentra... the car is fine i just hate the color.. i need some ideas for decals or interior accessories...any ideas?

  9. What color goes good with pink?

    Im painting my car interior with krylon fairytale pink. http://www.krylon.com/images/projects/xlarge/pencilholder.jpg <----This color Pink Also My car is Pink Hello Kitty themed I dont want to much pink so I want another color for the roof and carpet. However I dont know what color. I like my car Very girly so no black! Any Ideas helpful! Thanks

  10. just got a 02 jetta... where can i buy stuff for interior?

    I was wondering if anyone knows a nice website to order stuff for the interior. I want to have an idea of maybe having a black and pink theme because my car is black or maybe a black and red oriantal theme.

  11. inexpensive 1994 ford f 150 seat covers to make or buy preferably in pink?

    a 16 year old girl just got an old ford f 150 she would like pink interior accessories that dont cost an arm and a leg any ideas

  12. ideas for customizations for a daewoo matiz 0.8L SE?

    sometimes it's the little things that can make a car look good, so don't suggest putting pearlecsent paint on or a big V8 engine on, coz i do not have that kind of money-it's my first car!

  13. Wondering about pink cars?

    Okay so I've always wanted a pink car. I was wondering, is there a company that sells them like new, even if they have to be custom made or special ordered? Or... is it possible to take a white car and get it painted pink? If u happen to have an idea of what the cost would be for either one of these please say that too! Thanks!

  14. i want my car to have pink ..?

    im going to buy a white ecplipse and i wanted to find where on the web i can find examples/pictures of lines on the sides of cares.like cuztom car designs and detailing just so i can get some good ideas =]