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Pictures Of Car Interior Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What type of wrench do I need to remove a car seat of a 2004 ford F150 heritage?

    I bought a 2004 ford F150 heritage and I am planning to clean the interior and remove the car seats. But the car seats are bolted with an unusual type of bolts? The bolts has a head with 6 sided slot in it. Does anyone know what type of tool do I need to remove the bolt.

  2. is it possible to trick out cars interiors?

    Say for instance, I want the seats in multi-colors and also a picture to cover a significant portion of the back seat. Next, I would like to change the glove compartment area color too. Is all this possible? What price am I looking at?

  3. Does anyone know how to clean a needlepoint picture thats been subjected to years of cigarette smoke?

    I've recently inherited a lovely needlepoint picture, however the person who owned it smoked alot. It wasn't covered in glass so it's had no protection. Any ideas?

  4. What are some nice stick shift cars that i could get for my birthday?

    My dad told me that i can get whatever car i want for my 16th birthday, but he would really like it to be a stick shift car, and i would like that a lot too! Do you have any ideas of what kind of car i could get?! Please help!...Thank you!

  5. What can I add to the interior of my 2002 chrysler sebing convertable?

    I have looked everywhere for seat covers, but since the seat belt is attached to the seat, i can't find any that fit. The exterior of the car is a dark blue, and interior is mostly brown with some black. I already have blue neon lights under both seats, and I don't know what else to do to it. Any ideas? Pictures would help too, thanks :)

  6. Audi TT-What is the third button in the sliding compartment under AC controls?

    There are three buttons-one to pop the trunk, one to pop the gas tank, and the last one? It has a picture of the car and three lines like radio waves. Any ideas?! Thanks!

  7. Black and White Photographer That Has Taken Pictures Of Cars?

    Any established photographers that have taken black and white pictures of cars?

  8. What are the most important renos to do when trying to sell a house?

    wondering how to make our house look cosier / homier to be able to sell it....just looking for some ideas that might help make it look its best.....thanks.

  9. When will Infiniti change the current body style for the M series?

    Infiniti changed the body style for the current M in 2011 (released in 2010). Could anyone provide an idea on when the next body style change may be anticipated for the M37?

  10. i need some ideas for decorating my apartment inside and out.?

    I want to creat a small garden out side but i do not have a lot of room. i was looking for ideas but nothing has pictures of small gardens to get ideas from. can anyone help

  11. Ok car fans my husband is rebuilding a 86 Pontiac Grand Prix?

    He's been rebuilding his 86 Pontiac Grand Prix for the last 8 years by attemping to rebuild her from the ground up. This is his baby and it holds a lot of sentimental memories to him. He's all into watching car shows to give him ideas but I'd really like to surprise him is there any types of shows like over haulin in Illinois? Its come to the point he's at a stand still and I would really like to help him. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  12. If you were shooting a movie that involved people talking in a moving car on a busy street how would you film?

    it? What equipment would you need? In particular how would you record the dialog? Is there a low budget way to do it vs the Hollywood way?

  13. How to open the boot of a nissan micra?

    Okay so I have just bought a nissan micra but I have no idea how to open the boot of it. It's a 98 plate and doesn't have a key fob thing just a normal key but there isn't a key hole in the boot or if there is I can't find it! Also I looked at the dashboard buttons but none look like they will open the boot and I don't want to press too many buttons when I don't known what they mean. Thanks to anyone that can help, I'm useless with cars!

  14. What should i get my parents for christmas?

    my dad is into cars and fixing things my mom is into anything basically im sorry for so little detail but if you could help me out, that would be great :)

  15. What are the different fields in graphic arts?

    I am doing an essay for my English class, and we are supposed to research what we planned for our future career. I planned on getting into Graphic Arts, so I need to know what the different fields inside that are. Like I know animation, logo designing, website designing, and such are all inside of it, but I need to know if there is more. Can anyone list any other fields inside of graphic arts, or perhaps direct me to a website that answers this well?

  16. What would you bury and found it dug up in 200 years from now?

    Ok so this is for a scholarship so I need ideas. Please help me brain storm this!! "In 200 years, one of your relatives is going to be digging in what is now your backyard. They are going to find something that you buried in 2011 and it is going to put any financial worries they have to rest. Your job today is to decide what to bury. Your goal is to find something that will have immense value in the future." must be currently sold in stores