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Interior Decorating Ideas Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. what are good websites for interior decorating ideas?

    i'm redoing my bedroom and i need some ideas... pictures would be nice

  2. Can you show me pictures of teen bathrooms that are decorated, i'm redecorating mine?

    I'm decorating it to look for a 13-17 year old. fun ideas please. Just any website or just anything that will help me. I would really appriciate a website with a TON of different ideas and pictures. thanks.

  3. What are some websites that offer pictures of model homes for decorating ideas?

    I am looking for a website that has examples of different kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, bedrooms, dining rooms, guest rooms, dens, offices, garages that are decorated. I need some ideas.

  4. When I get older I want to be an Interior designer. How can I start training?

    I'm still young, almost grade 9, but i want to get ahead. I know there's lot's of internships and stuff for other jobs like doctor, retail specialist and stuff like that but how do I get ready for interior designing/decorating. Plus I also want it to be my own buissnes when i get older.

  5. Websites with interior decorating and painting pictures and ideas??

    My boyfriend and I are trying to redo his house but we dont know where to look for painting ideas and ways to decorate. We are doing it ourselves so we just want some simple color scheme ideas. Does anyone know of any websites with pictures and such that we can take a look at? Thanks!

  6. Can anyone give me a website with good decorating ideas?

    I would like some ideas on decorating my place. I would like ideas about frames and paintings to put on the walls. Colors, styles and schemes. I am so confused I don't know where to start. I can't find a good site. I would like to know what to put around my house besides furniture. I am looking for inexpensive things. I am looking for a site with pictures, so I can get an idea.

  7. Does anyone know of any good websites or books that can help me with interior decorating?

    I am looking to update the look of my livingroom, bedroom and bathroom but I need some ideas to get me started. Do you have any suggestions on websits or books that have lots of pictures and tips that would help?

  8. What's a good interior decorating website with lots of PICTURES?

    I'm moving into my own apartment soon and need ideas about what to buy. I want it to look realllly nice.

  9. How would I go about becoming and interior designer?

    I live in Pa and would like to start a career as an interior designer, where do I begin?

  10. How can you determine your decorating style?

    I'm moving and want my new house to look and feel cohesive, but I only have a vague idea about decorating and need some suggestions for books or websites that will help me identify my style so that I can express it to an interior designer or decorator.

  11. Suggestions for decorating a Gasthof style basement bar?

    My husband would like to make our basement look like a "gasthof" or german restaurant/bar. Any decorating tips for giving it a look of authenticity? Please give me suggestion for colors, style, etc. I would like specific suggestions of how to achieve this look. I don't want it too look like a pub or bar. We want the colors, decor, flavor of the german gasthof. This isn't going to be a party bar. It's a family den. Gasthofs are more family oriented places where people gather with friends and family. It's not a drink fest like the Oktoberfest celebration. So we are looking for decor suggestions.