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Home Interior Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can window covering sample books be purchased used? If so, from where?

    I am just starting an interior decor home staging and redesign business.I am planning on becoming a "dealer" for a window tx company.The sample books are very expensive so I'd like to purchase some current but used books,any idea where I could find such a thing? (I've already looked on ebay & googled my question) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Is there any interior designers in Atlanta with an online catalog?

    Trying to improve my home decor in a effort tp make our place more inviting to a prospective buyer.

  3. What is the best way to start a small business?

    I have a home decor business I want to start but I don’t know how. Everything is hand made by myself and I don’t have any help just yet. I’m afraid I’ll run out of products before I have a chance to really get started. I’ve thought of eBay but it seems so cheesy but a web site is definitely considered. Any Ideas has anyone done this before??

  4. What type of camera is recommended for taking photos of home interiors and exteriors?

    Want photos to be flattering. Some features I would like are: Faking incandescent lighting, neutralizing natural lighting from windows, ability to make room look large, removing shadows from objects/lamps, decor, etc.

  5. Who can recommend a creative company name?

    Hi,I do some home decor,interior design,little construction and looking for some really creative name for my company,slogan also.Any ideas?Please be serious.Thank you!

  6. How to improve my home interior?

    I want to know how to improve my home through Rug Runners.

  7. Have you gone through the Haverhill Home Staging course?

    I am interested in home staging as a career as I have a knack for interior decor. I was looking at the Haverhill Home Staging course. Has anyone been through this course? If so, have you had success? What was your experience? Do you recommend it? Note: PLEASE do not advertise other courses to get my credentials in home staging. I'm only asking about Haverhill right now.

  8. What are some cheap classy decorating ideas?

    I'm a college student living in an apartment. The walls are a boring white and the blandness is driving me nuts! We can't put holes in the walls so I can't hang anything up. What are some good cheap ideas to decorate the walls? While I may be a college student, I do prefer a more classy, elegant look without overdoing it. I'm going with light green and dark brown for the colors for the living room. Any ideas?

  9. Can you recommend me good books about interior design?

    I wanna learn interior designing to remodel my home and i don't have time to take a course , so if you kindly recommend me some books that will help me to do that , it would be great. thanks

  10. websites for decorating home?

    I want to add some decor to my otherwise plain home. but i need to do it cheaply. any website where i can find good ideas? i have an 'arts and crafts' style home and would maybe like to reflect that in the interior. otherwise, i am in my early 30's, so don't send me to sites that my grandma or mom would like! lol.