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Home Interior Decor Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Tips on how to make interiors more cozy?

    What are some things I can do with decor to make my small apartment have a cozier feeling and make it feel more inviting? (Especially with the livingroom). Thanks.

  2. What type of furniture would look best with Brazilian Cherry wood floors?

    I recently purchased a home w/ these floors all throughout the first floor. I am trying to determine what type of furniture would look best, and what types of colors match well. In particular, our dining room set and bookcases.

  3. Home interior decor (doors, windows, grills, space management and modular kitchens) photo gallery of chennai?

    I am building a home in chennai. I want to select best and stylish floor design, doors, windows, grill, modular kitchens and all interior design. Looking for web sites with photo gallerys .

  4. what software programs are available for custom home building-that is EASY to use to design...?

    ...INTERIOR & exterior I want to design the outside as well as the inside CUSTOM so we can SEE the rooms not just go off of blueprints- but needs to be EASY to use & truly customizable- not preloaded room designs etc...

  5. what does an interior designer do?

    what does their job include? do they work for an office, or are they self-employed? do they do the manual work, or hire painters etc. do they also normally own a furniture store where they get all their furniture and decor from?

  6. I need help with living room colors?

    I'm going to paint 1 wall in my living room a chocolate brown, the rest tan. I want to use jewel tones as the accent colors. Orange, red, purple. Would it be to much to use purple sheers? JC Penny's has a color called purple haze but i'm afraid it will be too much. I have a 10' window so there's lots of light & the room is very large.