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Modern Interior Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. As an interior designer; I constantly push my creativity. So,I ask what would you like to see out there today?

    I am trying to be innovative with simple everyday objects; almost reviving them into a new modern fashion. It could be anything! For example, pillows, fabrics, luggage, kitchen objects, home accessories, outdoor objects, furniture..etc. Be creative, ask yourself what inspires you or what would be so cool to have in your home? Or even ask, what are you tired of seeing and would you rather see? Thank you for your help

  2. Best way to self teach interior design?

    id like to self teach myself to interior design my future home some day because i have a lot of great ideas for a home. i don't want to go to school for interior design because im not interested in doing this for other people just would like to teach myself so i can make my ideas for a future home(house) a reality. are there any good self teaching books or websites that will help?