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Home Interior Painting Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. what do we charge for interior painting job?

    we have a new baby and need extra money. A friend who does property mgmt offered us an interior painting job but we have no idea what to charge! any help?? Thank you!!

  2. Painting a stained and polished door white?

    The doors in my home are stained a dark brown color and are covered in one coat of polish. I want to paint these doors white to bring some brighter color into the house. What should I do? I composed two ideas on how to paint these doors, but im not sure about it. 1) use an automatic pad hand sander to sand the doors then 2 coats of stain blocker/primer, then 1 coat of white paint. 2) skip the sanding and go straight to the stain blocker/ primer then paint. Any ideas?

  3. how go i find home interior painting designs amd colors for my walls for ideas on what and how to .?

    We had a fire and I'm repainting the house inside. So I have these colors of paint and just would like to do something different . It;s white right now with a couple of stripes to make it look like wallpaper ,but not sure if it will look right. Would like to make it look like ivy climing up in places/// Need some Ideas to proceed...

  4. What are so home remedies you know for your car?

    Just wondering if anyone has some good home remedies for their car eg: paint, interior, rust, tyres etc

  5. Where is the best place to buy the cheapest interior paint?

    I am looking to paint my rented apartment. It is really small, and not sure how long my family will be here, and wanting to improve the look a bit. Needing tips on paint, and any other cheap ideas. Thank you.

  6. How can you get wet interior eggshell paint out of carpet?

    We spilled about half a gallon. Any ideas at all? It is water based paint.