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Interior Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is the best website for interior design ideas?

    We are preparing our new house. And we want to get inspired by photos of rooms with interesting interior design ideas. Any website recommendation?

  2. where can i good interior design images on the net?

    im tryin to get some good interior design ideas, but i only find books ion interior designs. If any61 knw where to find it, please do let me knw. thank you.

  3. moving house, where online can i get interior design ideas and inspiration? I am moving home and need ideas.?

    Where online can i get interior design ideas and inspiration? I am moving soon and need ideas. What websites do you use for inspiration when decorating your home?? What online shops do you use?? (I'm in the UK) Also any tips on moving house? Thanks

  4. What is the best university for interior design?

    I am 17 and i really want to be an interior designer, can somebody tell me maybe some of their experience in the field? is it hard? How is the work? Any cool interior design ideas? Also if anybody knows about fung shui, i think that is really cool too! :)

  5. Who would you recommend as an interior designer in North Georgia?

    I am wanting to use a professional interior designer in the north Georgia area. Looking for some unique interior design ideas. Do you know of a reputable but yet affordable designer. I love the county cottage style.

  6. What is a job that involves working with floor plans and interior design?

    Okay so im in high school and im trying to figure out what i want to do when i get older..im thinking something that deals with floor plans and like interior design..any ideas? thanks!

  7. Is there a place online where I can find lots of pictures for interior home furnishings?

    I need more interior design ideas for furnishing and have seen many magazines but looking for more ideas.

  8. Does anyone know good website for interior design ideas?

    I am getting a new place so need have some ideas. Does anyone know some good website for interior design?

  9. Interior design ideas for a working British style Phone Booth (the red one) into a living/rec. room?

    I once saw a working phone booth, with door and all, incorporated into a living room in an interior design magazine. I am currently planning designs for my basement-party-lounge room, and think this design element would be a great conversation piece for guests. (also serves a purpose) Please post any links to articles or pictures of something similar to this, thanks!

  10. what is the commercial that has creative craft ideas?

    It has interior design ideas, party ideas, and it's for a web site but i can't remember what it is. anyone else know?

  11. What can i do to become an interior designer?

    I love art and i have two more years of high school so i want to benefit from them and improve cause i want to study interior design, any ideas what i can do?

  12. What colour floor and wall tiles in the bathroom?

    We are going to have the bathroom redone. I would like to tile only one wall, the one that will have the bath and the shower cubical on it, and also the floor. It's quite a big bathroom. Do you think that black floor and wall tiles would be suitable or would it be too dark. Any new interior design ideas? Also what colour shall I paint the other walls? Thanks

  13. What kind of furniture people want and don't get?

    Our company starst with a new production line for furniture. We want to produce furniture which is made by the wishes of customers. What do people want and don't get in the furniture stores? Are those small pieces of furniture? Is there a lack of suply of complete interior design ideas? Do people ask for more and express their own wishes or do they just buy the availabile? Do people want custom made furniture?

  14. How to start a design company? What do I need?

    I am planning to involve in various type of design which is from product design to interior design. Any ideas?

  15. Interior design-Looking for ideas for colour and light project?

    Interior design-Looking for ideas for colour and light project? Looking for ideas for colour and light project? hi, I am a teacher of a colour and light module for the first time. I am having difficulty coming up with ideas for the end of year project. Help!

  16. Sites that have interior design ideas for small apartments?

    Lol, all the 'interior design' sites I go to seem to feature gorgeous houses. This is my first apartment (without roommates, yes!) and I'm a grad student who works as a waitress, so i'm poor obviously... I'm on a strict budget, so I'll have to do a lot of improvising. Any suggestions?