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which method do you suggest for advetrtisment about ,renovation and decoration?

.we have made a Co. for doing interior design and executing them,there are some ordinary methods like flyers,magazines ,billboards but i am looking for some methods which people are mostly attracted and feel more convenient about them cause for some people COMPANY means extra expenditures!


  1. I truly believe that "word of mouth" is any company's best form of advertisement...there is much to be said for happy customers.....all the ad's/billboards and so on in the world do not make a good business. I built a house and I used only those who came recommended and (ironically) the few contractors and designers that i did use from the phone books or ad's were the worse...therefore, they will not be getting a high approval from me when I am asked about contractors or designers. Having a good reputation and getting word of mouth advertising takes time, but any good business does.
  2. Well, I find that having postcards made with a detachable business card on it works well. You can use both sides of the postcard and the people who receive them keep the cards. You could also offer a % discount on those cards for anyone using the card to hire you. Another thing you can do to get your name out there is to call your local radio station and offer a free color consultation as a gift for one of their listeners that will call in for some reason or another. This has brought me LOADS of business. People like to do business with people that care about others getting something free now and again... Good luck with your business!
  3. Advertising also means extra expenditures. If you want to keep your advertising expenses down, you will have to do much of the work yourself, but it is helpful to get some professional assistance. Go to a local print shop that has a graphic designer. Come prepared with some ideas and sit with the designer and have a flyer and or a brochure designed and printed. On the flyer, offer a discount to customers who present the flyer...10% is a fair discount or you can offer a set amount off with a minimum purchase of a specified amount. On the flyer...be sure to include your contractor’s license number and any information that shows you are bonded and insured (if you are). This information adds instant credibility to your business. If you are registered with the BBB, note this on the flyer as well. Other incentives that work well are discounts to seniors, and Military Personnel both active and retired. Take very good care of these people as they will be among your very best or very worse word of mouth advertising. Also, proof the flyer/brochure/business card well for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Nothing sends the "fly-by-night" business message louder and faster than grammar and spelling mistakes. Obtain the printed ads, and ask for the graphic file on CD in PDF and native format (the designer will understand this request) insuring you can have your files printed at any shop or any media you choose. Ask local hardware, home improvement, carpet, tile, and any things having to do with design stores if you may post your flyer and business cards in their store. Many stores have bulletin boards where business cards/flyers are posted. Flyers and brochures can also be handed out door to door. Start with your neighbors, friends, and family. This will generate word of mouth advertising and positive word of mouth advertising is priceless. If you have a local discount publication such as "PennySaver" advertise there. Contact the local newspaper and ask for prices for ad inserts. If the cost is not prohibitive, this is a good step also. Do not put flyers on vehicles in parking lots as 99% of these are tossed away and end up as unsightly litter on the streets. Be aware, print advertising is an investment and you will be doing well to get 10 calls for every 100 flyers, cards, brochures you hand out. Good luck with your new business.
  4. The best type of advertising that I have found to date for home renovations is "word of mouth" coupled with professionally prepared lawn signs where you are currently working. By professionally prepared I do not mean with a marker on cardboard or corregated plastic. However, ensure your clients are both well aware of the sign and have their approval.