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What color paint goes with my dark cherry desk?

.I want to paint my office...something. I have always had white walls and I would like to try some color. But I have this big dark cherry desk and I have no clue what color to paint. The room is small but it has a good size window and gets good light. The carpet is, well, mostly cream. This interior decorating thing is not my forte.


  1. bright red dark red cream peach something similar to those
  2. grays are beautiful with dark wood!
  3. keep the wall color light.you can try any color you like as long as it's light.a light pink or blue might work but its so individual do what you like.
  4. a light eggshell avacodo i no you say ugh but go to a really good paint store not just home depot or sherwinn williams .cant suggest any dont know where you are.
  5. try a pink hue it will bounce off of the cherry desk and brighten your office.have fun.
  7. hunter green
  8. >> Salmon/Pale Orange or blue or even a camel/pale brown would suit Cherry Desk & cream carpet. Hope this Helps. Ciao!
  9. How about a color like your carpet, like maybe a creamy color or an ivory white... I don't know really - I'm am not a professional in this area, not even close. In fact, my opinion and input here about the matter is worthless. Maybe you might want to try getting some sample colors from the paint store on a sheet and putting them up. I don't know it's up to you. OK, good luck , I hope you find the color that matches best and makes you happy.
  10. Sounds like Mauve is the way to go. The darker version the better. Your Avatar looks female so it's an asumption. A dark mauve works between cherry and cream. A guy can never , ever justify pink in any shade. I'm no decorator, just my opinion.
  11. most paint departments have colour "schemes" available. they are chips, booklets or pamphlets of colour families. find 3 or 4 with reds that look like the cherry tone of your desk, and they will offer you two or three options for complimentary colours. better yet, take out a drawer and bring it with you. also, behr.com has online colour palates online, although they look a little off, online
  12. Depends on whether you want a bold feeling in your room, or you want peaceful environment. Since the desk is already dark, and you have lots of natural light, I would go with something that will keep the brighness. Peach would be good for a soft look, but if your into bold, go for something fun like pumpkin orange. If you're not sure you can always paint just one wall with color, and leave the others a neutral.
  13. I would suggest a very light olive. My furniture is really dark, and it looks great together. Also, colors such as a light gold or khaki would work well.
  14. mauve or mint green with plum accents in accessories and/or wall border. (or lavender wall) Mint green is my personal choice. I did my dining room & living room in mint green. I did my office in mauve. All three areas have the same wallpaper border with mauve, plum, green & cream colors. All rooms have mint green lace curtains. One room has cherry wood, one room has walnut wood and the other room has mahagony. It looked great. I'm glad I finally tried color to my walls.
  15. you need a color that not only enhance the desk, but doesnt over shadow it .......... i would use kilms, one coat paint from walmart $20 a gallon, and use a camel color . for the walls, and off white , or cream for the trim
  16. burnt orange
  17. Green works best with your desk.
  18. Seeing that you have light carpet and a big window go for a rich dark colour("red box" from DULUX PAINTS)
  19. bright red chocolate bottom and pure white above chair rail