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Mod home decorating, like coffee shop theme....?

.My dad and I are fixing up our house, and we want to go for that theme, like coffee shop theme. Not like Pictures of coffee stuff, and biscotti pictures... like red walls, and black furniture, wall lighting, etc. I think that style is really comfortable, and my question is where can I find some online inspiration websites for these place. Like what wall colors I should use and paintings, furniture. etc. I hope that makes sense... THANK YOU!!


  1. I have the same theme in my home and I got alot of inspiration from places like: Pier 1, West Elm, World Market, Crate and Barrel and their outlet store which you can go to www.cb2.com. All have websites and have just about every style you can find. Good luck!!!
  2. Try these colors and throw in some non-coffee themed french print's Very warm, comfy inviting and intimate. Go for texture and color. Mix up fabrics, stones and furniture styles....some bare brick if you have it....
  3. Try looking at HGTV.com and Dwell magazine.
  4. Check out some of this artwork for inspiration: http://homedecorators30.artselect.com/search2/openct10171~3D10192~2C10133~2C10137~26t~3Dc10137/Cafe_Interiors.html http://www.muralsyourway.com/myw4-results.cfm?cid=18 http://www.muralsyourway.com/myw4-results.cfm?cid=13 http://www.muralsyourway.com/myw4-results.cfm?cid=101 While I'm not suggesting that you actually use this artwork in your decor(although this one would be really cool: http://www.muralsyourway.com/myw4-design.cfm?pid=MMBYAR1007), it might give you some ideas for furnishings, light fixtures, flooring, paint colors, plants, art & mirrors (I *love* "Cafe Romantique" & "Cafe L'amour" in that second link for this).