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Tips on how to make interiors more cozy?

.What are some things I can do with decor to make my small apartment have a cozier feeling and make it feel more inviting? (Especially with the livingroom). Thanks.


  1. lots of fabrics! add an area rug that has longer fibers liek a shag or those sheep skin ones are cozy! Add thicker curtains, fill up most of the space with furniture and knick-knacks. Add lots of personal touches like pictures and collections. Also keep a lot of pillow and throws around to snuggle up in.
  2. choosing the right materials used in the home with make it cosy. choose thick plump cushions on the couches, ones you can "sink" into. cover the couches with a warm coloured cover. think dark creams or the like. buy soft to touch and beautiful throw rugs to cuddle under. think about the colour as well as the feel. choose soft to touch floor mats for where you sit, and reed-made for the walkways. choose thick layered drapes with lace or sheer closest to the windows, so even when you open them, the light is not direct as it enters your home. replace the use of your over head light with beauiful lamps instead. - buy lamp shades that are plain, and cover them with a gorgeous material (glue on with a hot glue gun or with craft glue) and hang wire bead tassles from the base of the shades for extra cosiness. clear out all you have on display in the living room, replace it all with millions of different photo frames. put coloured photos and black and white photos in the frames of loved ones and cover every surface you can with either candle holders, vases, painting (standing at the back, leaning on the wall) and photoframes. in the vases always have flowers in abundance, real or fake they will bring cheer and happiness to your home. i feel cosy just thinking about it!
  3. I heard that you can use starch (the strong box kind) to hang fabric on the walls like a temporary wallpaper. And when you leave it will come off easy and you just wash it and use it again. An area rug is good since you may have carpet that you do not like. Plants and candles, pillows. A mirror and lots of different types of lighting can really set the mood. A fluffy kitten can help a lot.
  4. The success of any decorating scheme depends on how well it suits all the members of your family. Color can work wonders... it can change the look of a room and change your feeling about the room. Gathering samples is a great way to begin. If you’ll on a limited budget, mark off those things that will make the most difference, such as a new wall color and a new sofa.
  5. think "conversation pit"! Don't make the tv the center of focus when you walk in.
  6. Use rugs and mats...cluster together small items on a table...fringed lamps...colored glass in windows...plants..pottery.